Care Guide

Ma Corsetière always recommends taking your corset to a reputable dry cleaner for cleaning and any stain removal. Never wash your corset in the washing machine.

Wearing the corset against the skin directly with no garment underneath will cause the corset to dirty much faster due to it soaking in sweat, body oils, lotions, skin cells, etc. If you apply a body lotion, oil, or spf, please make sure to let it dry before putting on your corset. We recommend wearing a thin shirt underneath your corset when possible to prolong the time needed in between washings (if worn often)! 

If you stain your garment, addressing/treating the stain will give you the highest chance of successfully removing the stain completely. Because silk is very delicate and is sensitive to water exposure and damage, avoid trying to wash or remove a stain from your corset unless you are well versed in treating silk. Therefore, we always recommend dry-cleaning your corset for the best result. Because most Ma Corsetière corsets are double layered corsets of both coutil and silk, washing vigorously risks the chance of one fabric shrinking or stretching at a higher rate than the other, resulting in wrinkles or bubbles in the corset. Dry cleaning is always the preferred method. Ma Corsetière is not responsible for any damages inflicted on your corset after it is worn.

Let your dry cleaner know that your corset is a mixture of silk and cotton coutil fabrics, and in some cases the two may be fused together directly. Also, let the dry cleaner know that the corsets are boned with steel, they will know what to do to prevent damaging your corset.