Can I Send My Own Fabric?

If you would like a corset made with a special fabric, please contact with the request before placing the order. We ask that you contact us before placing the order to confirm that the fabric is (1) something we can use in a corset, is compatible with our sewing machines, and is within our skill range, and (2) is attainable/is able to be found on the market. If you already have a fabric in your possession you would like to use, then only number (1) applies from above.

Please note that you (the customer) would be responsible for the shipping cost of getting the fabric to Ma Corsetière.


PLEASE NOTE: If the fabric is the only aspect of the corset you would like customized, and the corset design and size still remain a standardized Ma Corsetière corset, you will not be charged for the special order charge. The only exception to this is if your fabric is very difficult to work with, it will still fall under a special order due to the extra care the seamstress must put into the garment. This will be decided by the head designer at Ma Corsetière within your email correspondence before your order is placed. Thank you for your understanding.