Full Length Skirt

At Ma Corsetière, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of garments made uniquely for you. Because the fit of any garment is so important, all Ma Corsetière pieces are made to measure and are custom to your body measurements. Please refer to the diagrams of how to measure your body to ensure the best fit.


Some tips for measuring:

  • Take your measurements during the morning and before any large meals. Do not take your measurements after a large meal or at nighttime.
  • Use a soft measuring tape – one that can wrap around your body with ease.
  • Double check that you are measuring in inches, not centimeters.
  • Take all measurements two or three times to ensure accuracy and prevent mistakes.
  • Have someone help you with your measurements in the hard-to-reach places.


Below is a diagram of the measurements required for a Ma Corsetière bespoke skirt. After placing your order, a Ma Corsetière designer will be in touch with you via email to collect your measurements and assist you with any further questions you may have.