How can I make my own corset? – Learn Corset Making

If you would like to get into corset making yourself, the head seamstress at Ma Corsetière offers online courses where she teaches the art of corsetry. The first course is all about pattern making and manipulation. You will learn to create your own underbust corset pattern using your own body measurements. You will also learn pattern manipulate techniques. The second course is all about fabrics, sewing and fitting a mock-up, as well as the final draft underbust corset. In this course, she teaches all her secrets and special techniques to help put you on a fast track in learning the art of corsetry.


“I learned how to sew on my own. When I first started, I struggled to find a teacher. I relied on YouTube videos, books, and blog posts. All I could do was piece together parts of information I found from various sources. I would buy patterns online and study them, eventually coming up with my own drafting method after a few years of practice. Creating Corsetry is a course I created to help new or experienced sewers feel more confident in their corset making. It is what I wished I had when I first started out. The feeling you get after making your first successful corset is marvelous. Something so classic will never go out of style.”

-Kricket Luckow, designer and seamstress at Ma Corsetière


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